40 x 48 Nestable Light Medium Duty Plastic Pallet w/Safety Lip

  • $28.59

Manufactured in Michigan, this is the muscle car of nestable plastic pallets. High pressure injection molded with high quality recycled HDPE resin, this pallet has a 2,700 lb dynamic capacity- heavy weight characteristics at light duty pricing.

Every consideration has been taken to minimize weight while maintaining strength and durability. The 9 legs have voids to reduce weight and cost. Tapered edges assist fork tine entry and splitting a nested stack.

The perimeter is reinforced with extra ribs to increase impact resistance. Ideal for one way export shipments, light-medium duty reusable applications, WIP, storage, display, and distribution applications.

The 4 way entry is compatible with nearly all fork trucks and hand trucks. The open deck design allows for easy handling and cleaning.

A superior nesting ratio allows for 2100 pallets to fit in a 53' truck, which significantly reduces the per pallet shipping costs.

Intermittent Safety Lip helps reduce payload slippage and helps keep loads in place.


  • Recycled High Density Polyethylene, high pressure molded materials Durable solid body one-piece nestable construction
  • 4-way forklift and hand truck entry (US and EU)
  • Ventilated Deck
  • Chemical Resistant
  • Meets GMA Industry Standards
  • Intermittent Safety Rim
  • MADE in the USA