40 x 48 Nestable Molded Wood Pallet - Export Ready - Heavy Duty

  • $21.79

40" x 48" Natural wood pallet helps lower shipping & packaging costs and is sealed to eliminate moisture common with corrugated pallets.

This 40" x 48" nestable, molded wood pallet has a 2000 lb. dynamic load capacity and is made resin-molded wood fibers using a high-pressure / high-heat process for the ultimate water and mold resistance. 

At light 31 lbs, this presswood pallet is lighter than 60% of conventional pallets and makes it ideal for domestic shipping, export shipping, and air freight.

Processed wood manufacturing is free from ISPM-15 regulations; pest-free and export ready!

Molded Presswood Pallet Features & Benefits

Cost Effective: The perfect inexpensive alternative to conventional wood & plastic pallets designed for multiple use for a lower overall cost per trip.

Lightweight and Durable: 60% lighter than conventional hardwood pallets, while maintaining their structural integrity, they are comparable in strength and exceed stiffness when compared to conventional GMA style wooden pallets and even stiffer than more expensive plastic pallets. They are durable enough to be reused and inexpensive enough to be expendable making them ideal for return and reuse programs where pallet loss is difficult to manage.

Nestable Space-Saving Design: Space-saving 4:1 nesting ratio of 4:1 provides handling & storage cost savings over traditional block or stringer pallets; both in the warehouse and on the road.

Cargo Protection: A nail-free, one piece design with rounded corners - reduces damage to cargo. Most importantly, the safe design helps to minimize employee and customer injury during handling.

Presswood Pallet Handling Advice:

  • Presswood Pallets shed small amounts of wood particle during handling
  • Presswood pallets should be kept dry.
  • While Presswood Pallets are stiffer than most plastic pallets, they aren't as forgiving if impact properties are a priority.

Export Ready: Molded Presswood Pallets are acceptable for import/export in any country. They are not regulated by IPPC-ISPM 15 because they are considered "processed wood". The high heat manufacturing process and resin binder eliminate the need for additional treatments against pests.

  • Nestable, space-saving design
  • 4-way entry
  • Solid deck loading platform
  • Manufactured from recycled wood, often wood pallets
  • Non-slip deck
  • More aesthetically pleasing than traditional wood pallets
  • For indoor use only
  • Not for food or clean room operations