40 x 48 Rackable FM Composite Plastic Pallet - RM2

40 x 48 Rackable FM Composite Plastic Pallet

  • $73.99

The RM2 total pallet solution brings together comprehensive supply chain management and a state of the art pallet.
A 21 century technology to replace wood, the RM2 BLOCKPal pallet is engineered and built with the precision expected
in the modern day supply chain. This ultra-strong pallet is extremely durable, environmentally friendly and aordable.
The RM2 Total Pallet Solution is a revolutionary opportunity for your supply chain.


  • Cost effective
  • Extraordinary weight-to-load capacity ratio
  • Resistant to insects, bacteria and fungi
  • No sirex treatment required
  • Excellent usability for block stacking by cruciform perimeter base
  • Environmentally friendly product of 100% regenerated plastics, completely recyclable