30 x 44 Plastic Beer Keg Pallet

  • $105.99

This Straight Wall Beer Keg Pallet is a superior plastic pallet that conforms to the need for strength, durability, and cleanliness in the beer industry. High-pressure injection molding gives us the ability to strengthen the areas that take the most abuse, like corners and leading edges. The ventilated top deck improves loading and provides ease of cleaning. Loose fasteners, splinters and broken boards are a thing of the past and our high-impact resin won't absorb moisture or harbor bacteria like wooden or other types of plastic pallets. Capacity: Four 1/2 Barrels or Six 1/6 Barrels.


  • Patented Box Beam‘Ž design
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Consistent dimensions
  • Open top deck
  • Won't absorb moisture or harbor bacteria