40 x 48 x 28 Vented Collapsible Container Bin OWS CP-O-40-C Decade 14K100MGG Repose top

40 x 48 x 28 Vented Collapsible Container Bin

  • $405.00

The CP-O-40-C shipping and storage containers transform a good idea...the "knock-down" container into a great idea. That's because, unlike folding-wall containers, the patented design allows all walls to be completely detached from the pallet.

Inside dimensions: 36" x 44" x 23"


  • Four disassembled containers fit into a single unit with the pallet bases nested on top. That means five containers fit in the footprint of one.
  • You save up to 75% of storage and trailer space compared to straight-wall containers; up to 30% greater space savings compared to folding designs.
  • Increased space efficiency directly translates into reduced transportation costs and greater profitability for you.
  • Smooth surfaces for easy cleaning and product protection. No splinters, rust or paint chips to contaminate products.
  • Meets USDA standards for direct food contact in agricultural and food processing applications.
  • Four-way forklift Entry.
  • Stackable up to six units high.
  • Completely recyclable.
  • Pallets can be used separately.