82 x 102 Stackable Jumbo Plastic Pallet - Standard

  • $1,030.00

The 82" x 102" Jumbo Plastic Pallet is the largest molded pallet in the US and has many applications and uses. The Jumbo Pallet offers multiple ways to secure cargo to pallet, can be secured to other operating equipment (i.e. flatbed trucks), and can be used on all modes of transportation

Exceedingly durable in extreme temperatures

Designed as a double stacking system, it allows cargo placement on both upper and ower pallets. Jumbo sized cargo nets sold seperately.

Tested in Air Cargo Systems and in Theater, proven to:

  • withstand temperatures +160 Degrees and extreme cold AIP testing to -41 degrees in U.S. Antartic Program
  • carry 13,500 lbs (Formal Testing at U.S. Naval Lab).

Dynamic Load Capacity: 6,000 lbs. 


  • Military transport – via air cargo transport
  • Flatbed trucks
  • Overseas containers
  • Box trucks
  • Deck of a ship
  • Securing odd shaped equipment to pallet for easy transport
  • Move 4-7 super sacks in one trip
  • Resistance to insects, bacteria, and fungi
  • No Sirex treatment required
  • Max Load Label

  • 8 Fork Pockets
  • 16 Painted ForkChannel Guides

  • Rerturn To Label



    RFID Bracket Bar Code ID Tag
  • Net Tie Down Pins
  • 4-Way Entry